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Unlock Your Language Potential at English Lagoon!

Take a quiz if you haven’t already!

Welcome to English Lagoon and thank you for taking our quiz!

My name is Delaney, founder and teacher. Here, you can take personalized classes, watch videos, and meet fellow English Learners. You have the opportunity to unlock a new world by learning a new language, and we are happy to guide you. Get started by signing up for a free trial class! 

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Through a curated selection of diverse and engaging texts, we guide you through comprehension strategies, vocabulary expansion, and critical thinking exercises.


From crafting well-structured essays to composing persuasive emails, we provide step-by-step guidance to sharpen your writing skills.


Through interactive virtual sessions, we focus on pronunciation, intonation, and conversation skills.


You'll learn to comprehend different accents, identify key information, and grasp nuances in spoken language.

Business English Services

Our business classes are specifically tailored to employees in any avenue of business, at the navigation of the supervisor.


Provide us with an explanation of your company's needs, and we will work with you to design a menu that best suits your needs. Bi-weekly progress reports are provided throughout the program. 

Plans & Pricing

Monthly Plan

Includes 2 classes per week


1 - 1 private classes 

Includes 2 classes per week


Business Training

Includes 2 classes per week

* Recurring subscription unless you cancel your membership. 

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Practice your conversation skills via WhatsApp! 

For $10 a month, you can sign up to text with a native English speaker throughout the month.


Hello and Welcome to English Lagoon! My name is Delaney Grace.

I grew up on a small farm in Iowa and attended Iowa State University, getting a Bachelor’s degree in English in 2017. After college, I received a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification and began teaching online and in-person.

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    I wanted to experience different cultures and languages, so I moved to Madrid, Spain in 2019. While I was there, learning Spanish and living my daily life surrounded by it, I understood fulfillment. Learning a language can be the most rewarding, sometimes frustrating thing a person can do. There are ups, and there are downs and it can sometimes be overwhelming. I realized how many people wanted to improve their English level, and that I was able to help them work to achieve that goal. Learning a new language rewarded me with connecting me to people from different backgrounds than my own. What started as learning vocabulary in my room alone turned into ordering food in restaurants by myself, which turned into little conversations in coffee shops, which turned into meaningful conversations in coffee shops. I came back to teach English as a Second Language at Iowa Central Community College. While interacting with students of various backgrounds, the idea for The English Lagoon was born. I found a real love for teaching English effectively and began exploring and researching different methods. I designed a program based on what I found to be the most effective strategies I even use these methods in my own language learning! With learning any new language, it takes true patience, dedication, and passion. I wanted to expand my reach and create a community of learners because learning a language does take a community. I believe the reason we learn new languages is to connect with people, either in business or personal relationships. And in my experience, the best way to learn is interacting with other people face-to-face (or in our case, screen-to-screen). I hope to establish meaningful connections between people all over the world in my native language. I am here to help you and provide whatever resources that I can. Try the trial class with me and ask me any questions you can think of. I can't wait to meet you and say “Hello!”
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